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If We’ve Ever Needed You… September 9, 2010

Filed under: Faith — celestesda @ 10:55 pm

This song by Casting Crowns has been plaguing me lately. You can watch hear it in a YouTube Video here.  I think it’s the lyrics that get me every time.  It’s the raw reminder of the eternal selfishness and short memory of the human race.  How is it that elephants can remember events and places from their childhood, yet we cannot remember the blessings and grace that God has given us over and over in our lives?  The song echoes in my mind more and more as the political voting season is upon us.  Here are some of the lyrics:

Hear our cry, Lord, we pray
Our faces down, our hands are raised
You called us out, we turned away
We’ve turned away

With shipwrecked faith, the idols rise
We do what is right in our own eyes
Our children now will pay the price
We need Your light, Lord, shine Your light

If we’ve ever needed You
Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now
We are desperate for Your hand
We’re reaching out, we’re reaching out

Wow!  Powerful words of reminder and remorse.  This is just another reason and motivator in my steps to simplify my life and live it the best way that I can.  I’m trying to lay my idols down, and reach out to the Lord.  What do you think about this song?  Does it give you motivation?  I hope that it does.  I think Mark Hall got it right.  Joel 2:12-19, Matthew 22:35-37


2 Responses to “If We’ve Ever Needed You…”

  1. Shauna Says:

    I have that song ready as my next special to sing at church. The whole message has spoken to me also…maybe that’s why our life as it is right now is so unsatisfactory. We aren’t living the way we should be living and we aren’t reaching out to the One that matters most.

  2. Felicia Says:

    The words to this song seem to echo my life…
    I want to be who HE wants me to be, but the world has it’s claws dug in deep.

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