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October 4, 2010

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Having a bit of nostalgia this evening.  My baby girl will be turning 3 next Saturday, and as I mention that to people, the reaction is always the same reaction:  “I can’t believe it!”  Neither can I.  Where does time go? I thought the same thing when my oldest turned 1, as I sat there crying on the floor, holding a picture of her as a newborn, I knew life as I knew it before children, would never be the same.  Instead, it would pass with lightning speed.

I was thinking about that very concept this evening; the concept of time passing so quickly.  I think it doesn’t pass any faster than it did 100 years ago, we just move more quickly, and force as many tasks as we can into our days.  Our weeks fly, busy with commuting to and from work, the job itself, the tasks of parenthood, and then you’ve got soccer, church, socializing, and a little time left (maybe) to find your sanity… It’s the life we, I, choose, but yet, I hate how much is fills the time.  After Carmindy, the baby, was born, I promised to enjoy that first year a little more, sit with her a little more, and rock her a little more, because I knew from experience that the baby in my arms wouldn’t stay a baby nearly long enough…

Anyway, hoping this next year will pass a little more slowly, although I know that my hope will be in vain, because in reality, it’ll probably speed up a little more.  If I accomplish my task of simplification, I’m hoping that even if it doesn’t slow down, it will become more enjoyable.

I imagine that after my children are grown and have children of their own, I will probably look back & reminisce for those days of busy-ness & chaos, because even though it’s chaotic, it’s also bursting with love, excitement, and life.  It all comes down to that word…LIFE.  I’m so blessed to be alive and have such a wonderful family.  Thank you, God, for such a undeserved blessing!

Ending this post with reminiscent Carmindy photos!

Carmindy's First Day in this World!

Carmindy's 1st Birthday

Carmindy after her 2nd birthday party, look how her hair grew that year!

Carmindy - Almost 3, full of life!