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October 4, 2010

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Having a bit of nostalgia this evening.  My baby girl will be turning 3 next Saturday, and as I mention that to people, the reaction is always the same reaction:  “I can’t believe it!”  Neither can I.  Where does time go? I thought the same thing when my oldest turned 1, as I sat there crying on the floor, holding a picture of her as a newborn, I knew life as I knew it before children, would never be the same.  Instead, it would pass with lightning speed.

I was thinking about that very concept this evening; the concept of time passing so quickly.  I think it doesn’t pass any faster than it did 100 years ago, we just move more quickly, and force as many tasks as we can into our days.  Our weeks fly, busy with commuting to and from work, the job itself, the tasks of parenthood, and then you’ve got soccer, church, socializing, and a little time left (maybe) to find your sanity… It’s the life we, I, choose, but yet, I hate how much is fills the time.  After Carmindy, the baby, was born, I promised to enjoy that first year a little more, sit with her a little more, and rock her a little more, because I knew from experience that the baby in my arms wouldn’t stay a baby nearly long enough…

Anyway, hoping this next year will pass a little more slowly, although I know that my hope will be in vain, because in reality, it’ll probably speed up a little more.  If I accomplish my task of simplification, I’m hoping that even if it doesn’t slow down, it will become more enjoyable.

I imagine that after my children are grown and have children of their own, I will probably look back & reminisce for those days of busy-ness & chaos, because even though it’s chaotic, it’s also bursting with love, excitement, and life.  It all comes down to that word…LIFE.  I’m so blessed to be alive and have such a wonderful family.  Thank you, God, for such a undeserved blessing!

Ending this post with reminiscent Carmindy photos!

Carmindy's First Day in this World!

Carmindy's 1st Birthday

Carmindy after her 2nd birthday party, look how her hair grew that year!

Carmindy - Almost 3, full of life!


30 Meals September 13, 2010

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If you’re anything like me, when it comes to grocery shopping, you just groan and dread and wrack your brain.  You have to use a lot of brain-power sometimes to think of ideas on what meals to make during the upcoming week, what ingredients you already have, what you need, etc.  We get stuck in a rut around here!

While googling “cooking on a budget” a couple of weeks ago, I came across a nifty little blog called Nannygoat and found this cool idea called 30 Meals.   The blog was evidently run by two women, who needed a blogging break, and that haven’t blogged since March.  30 Meals is such an awesome “duh” idea for me, that I can’t wait till they begin blogging again, and I hope they hold to their promise that they’ll be back.  Anyway, about 30 Meals:  it’s basically a hodgepodge of a menu, grocery list, and recipes all thrown together into one book that you create yourself, so it’s tailored to you and your family.  Without going into too much detail, because you can read it just as easily on their blog, you keep a running list of 30 meals your family likes to eat on a regular basis.  This helps in four areas:  the list to choose from is already made, the recipes are there, the ingredients are there, and you can watch for sales on products you can stock up on.  Yes, work at first, but it will be a great time-investment!

It’s going to make my grocery and meal planning so much easier!  My hubby is on-board, and I think we’ve gotten 17 meals on the list so far.  It sounds easier than it is!  Read up on it, and let me know if you think this is something that would work for your family!  Give the ladies on Nannygoat a shout-out as well, maybe we can coax them to break the writer’s block!


The Overwhelming Need to Simplify September 9, 2010

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So, here I am.  29 years old.  My life has become increasingly complicated lately.  Well, I say lately, but I think it’s probably always been that way.  I’m one of these people you might call an “overachiever” or a “pleaser”. Yep.  That’s me.  I put too many irons in the fire, only to burn my hand when I try to take them out.  I guess this goes all the way back to high school, and probably even childhood, when I wanted to do everything, and be the best at it.  Who knows where and when it started?

But, at 29, I’m finally realizing that I cannot be perfect, I cannot do everything, and I certainly can’t always be the best.  What has led me to realize that, you might ask?  I think a lot of different factors have led me to this realization; lack of sleep, constant tardiness, dirty, cluttered house, overwhelming finances, and just a general feeling of being spread too thin.  I am constantly deprived of sleep from trying to fit too many things into one day.  I run late a lot these days, because I’m trying to fit too much in, my finances suffer because they are overstretched from being, well, overstretched.  Too much month, not enough money.  This probably stems from buying too much.  I’m diving into that later, instead of getting too deep right now.  My house is never in order, because at this point, I don’t have time to maintain it and all the junk in it!

There is no one straw that has finally broken the camel’s back, but too many straws to number.  I do know this:  I am ready to simplify my life and the lives of my family.  My husband is on board with me, and I hope and believe my children will follow.  I’m tired of my life being centered around how much money we make, how many “things” we acquire, and how many different activities we can be involved in.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re still going to have a few things that are nice and be involved in a couple of activities, but I’m slowing teaching myself the word “NO”, and I’m beginning to use it! I’m proud of myself!

What is my goal?  A year from now, I hope life feels easier, tidy, satisfying, and happy.  I’m hoping that life will pass just a little bit slower, because life as it is now, feels like one of those roller-coasters that you’ve waited three hours in line for, and when you finally get on, you feel disoriented,  rushed, and sick by the time it’s over.

I want our family focus to center around three things:  God, family, and enjoying our one life here on Earth.  I think these are the first steps to our new, simplified, focused lives.  I hope you’ll take this journey with me, as I struggle through the complicated, unkempt, dissatisfying, crazy life that exists for me right now.

Leave me a comment!  How does the world around you feel right now?  Simple, Sweet, and Slow or  Complicated, Unkempt, and Crazy?  Let me know…