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Organize September 9, 2010

Operation Dump

I’m a Type A wanna-be organization fanatic stuck in a Type B’s home.  At school, I try to stay pretty organized.  I feel like, for the most part, I am.  But, as stated before, at home, I’m drowning.  It can’t be because I only spend less than about 40 “awake” hours here every week, can it?  Yeah, it probably is a little of that.  A big reason, though, is because I have too much stuff. defines stuff as:  property, as personal belongings or equipment; things. Yep, that’s it.  STUFF.  I used to really like stuff.  As a child, teenager, and young adult, my motto was “the more stuff, the better!”  In the last couple of years, my view of “stuff” has evolved.  Now it’s like this:  “great, more stuff” (very unenthusiastically).  I’m on the verge of going into major dump mode….not the kind that require the plumbed facilities, but the kind of dump where you unload all of the extra junk in your life.  Am I going to do something so fabulously generous, like give it all to charity?  Nope, that would be too simple, to0 easy, too anti-frugal of me.  Nah, I think I’ll put myself through the thrill of having a “yard sale”.  I can’t help but want to partake in this ever-so-Southern tradition, and I also can’t shake the notion that I might actually make enough money to pay off a credit card!   Don’t think I’m completely stingy, I will donate all lovelies that do not sell to our local charity.  Operation Dump will begin this weekend.

Give me a shout-out, do you like to have “yard sales”, or do you prefer to donate to charity?  Am I completely nuts?


2 Responses to “Organize”

  1. missy Says:

    I sell a lot of our crap on E-bay

  2. Felicia Says:

    I feel the same way. We have too much stuff. I am on the verge of being a hoarder. I probably get it from my Papaw, lol. My problem is that I can’t do the whole “out with the old, in with the new” thing. I always think the old may have a purpose to serve later on. Sigh…

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